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  • Introducing the ScrewMatic corner system!

    CL WARD is excited to announce its latest new product....ScrewMatic corners! These labor saving corners greatly reduce the time spent on your duct connections. ScrewMatics are available in J Corner, TDC Corner, and TDF Corner variations. As well as t...
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  • New Product Alert....FiberCoat

    Summary: FiberCoat is a revolutionary aerosol edge coat product designed to protect and repair duct liner. With its unique formulation, FiberCoat provides exceptional strength and quick drying properties, making it an ideal choice for your edge coat...
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    Have you heard of the CL WARD MTU? The MTU is our Mobile Training Unit. The MTU brings product training to your facility to learn about our product offerings and how they are used. This is a great program for your entire team! The feedback has been g...
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  • Duct Liner Adhesive Totes

    CL WARD now offers our duct liner adhesive in totes. A tote contains 275 gallons of adhesive and can be easily connected to your coild line. Why spend time changing over drums when you can hook up to tote!!
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  • CL WARD is exicted to introduce our newest product....CL'D Slip and CL'D Drive.

    The CL’D Slip and Drive system is a revolutionary new product from CL WARD. For years, slip and drive have been used as transverse joint connections on low pressure rectangular duct work. With energy efficiency standards continually increasing ...
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