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When I go to snap the cleat onto the C.L. Ward flange, it is too tight. What could cause this?

In most cases, we find that the gasket is not properly applied to the angle frame. It is very important to make sure that the gasket is applied to the inside edge of the angle frame.

When cutting my C.L. Ward & Family connector, how much shorter should I cut my piece of connector than my duct size?

C.L. Ward & Family recommends that you should always cut the connector 1 5/16" shorter than the duct dimension.

When cutting my connector, I am getting a burr at the end of my cut. What can I do to eliminate this?

You must make sure that the saw that you are using has sufficient horse power and that you use a metal friction saw blade. The C.L. Ward & Family Speedy Saw is the perfect solution for such a problem. A chop saw, with approximately 3,450 rpm, can be substituted as well.

How many sizes of cleat does C.L. Ward & Family have?

C.L. Ward has engineered its Standard Cleat to fit the J-Flange, H-Flange and TDC. C.L. Ward also has a TDF cleat designed specifically for TDF profiles. In addition, to our standard cleat and TDF cleat, we also have introduced our ALL Cleat (for J-Flange and TDC profiles) and our TRI-Cleat (for J Flange, TDC and TDF profiles). Be sure to contact us for samples to ensure you find the cleat that best suits your needs and/or preferences! Our cleat is available in a variety of alloys and PVC.

When should I use the C.L. Ward J-Connect and H-Connect?

C.L. Ward & Family has developed its two connectors to correspond to the ratings developed by SMACNA Duct Construction Standards. Where SMACNA designates an "H" rated connector, use the H connect. The J-Connect is used when SMACNA designates a "J" rated connector. This information can also be found in the C.L. Ward & Family's Duct Construction Standards which are in accordance with the SMACNA Duct Construction Standards.

When should I use the C.L. Ward Butyl Gasket vs. the Neoprene Gasket?

This is something that is based on the preference of the installer. Each product has its own characteristics that some like better than others. Although C.L. Ward & Family recommends using the Butyl Gasket when installing medium to high pressure duct systems to ensure a leak free system.

When do I use the C.L. Ward Standard Metal Cleat v. the PVC Cleat?

When deciding which type of cleat to use, one can use which ever cleat they prefer unless it is an outside application. On outside applications, we do not recommend the PVC Cleat due to the effects of the outside weather can have on the PVC cleat.